the form of artwork merges the urban life
of new york city

Ikebana Zen as a form of artwork that merges the urban life of New York with the conventional Japanese Omakase style cuisine through the abstract sense of ephemerality created by material, color, and light.


Whether you’d like to indulge in casual dinner, or are planning the perfect date night. From beautiful outdoors to the elegant indoor dining. Ikebana Zen team looks forward to welcoming you.



It is simply in the name, Ikebana Zen. The term Ikebana means the art of Japanese flower arrangement, whereas Zen refers to sensibility. We plan to create a deeper connection between our diners and nature by merging the joyful feeling related to the flowers of the outdoors with the calm, meditative nature of the indoors. Ikebana Zen uses a variety of edible flower for garnish in hopes to put the mind and body in complete tranquility, as it is believed to create a strong, pleasurable sense of peace.

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