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outdoor dining 

Here at Ikebana-Zen, located between 9th Ave and 53rd street, Ikebana Zen allows full exposure of its busy surrounding but also maintains enough privacy for our diners. Imagine chilling under the tree, and smelling the summer breeze, our outdoor dining will bring you well-rounded experience for both the mind and body. 

we are passionate about serving you delicious food in a fun and relaxed environment. While weather plays a huge role in the availability of our outdoor seating, we promise this dining area is worth to come. We decorate this entire area with plants, umbrellas for shade. If you are ever unsure if our outdoor area is open, just give us a call!

Are you ready to get the full Ikebana-Zen experience? Come try our delicate Omakase, meet our fabulous staff and make memories to last a lifetime. We look forward to serving you.

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