Full of passion for oriental cuisine, a young boy from Jiangsu promises nothing but the best in it

Growing up in Jiangsu, China, Andrew Yuan found an incomparable love for food, specifically that of oriental descent. During his time in the United States he noticed a few, if none, local Japanese restaurants who follow traditional cuisine and dining styles. He believes that the dining style is too powerful, especially in the sense of serenity, to go unnoticed. Thus, it became his mission to open the most authentic Japanese restaurant in New York, to shine light on the ever-neglected Japanese culture in food and present each dish with the attitude it deserves.

How the restaurant started: All it took was one taste of a Japanese Chef’s cooking to touch the soul, and it was history in the making since. Andrew went from a recent college graduate who regularly dined at the Japanese Chefs restaurant, to working alongside the Chef, sharing the same vision and enhancing his experience in culinary and overall restaurant operations; to now opening his own restaurant with all necessary skills and knowledge gained throughout his culinary journey.

Andrew hasn’t stopped growing his knowledge further, especially not after facing a plethora of problems with opening the restaurant. Usually desperate times call for desperate measures, but not with Andrew. He is keen on pursuing his approach to a tee in order to transform his vision into reality. His striving and enthusiastic nature allows him to break through any barrier and achieve the end goal.

Ideal and reality: no matter how difficult it is, there is no compromise, strict requirements and adherence to the original belief.

Andrew Yuan, as a boy who has just graduated for a year, it’s the first time for him to open a store, he does not have much experience. From finding a designer to every design of a menu logo, from renting a store to finding a construction team to follow up, he is in the process grope again and again to learn. Even it is his first time, he did not miss every detail and strive for the ultimate.

Of course, many difficulties were encountered during this period: the house was leaking, but it was finally resolved. The special metal curtain on the ceiling was not delivered in time because of the domestic pandemic. Some people advised Andrew Yuan to change to a common ceiling, but in order to pursue the effect, we can only delay the construction period and wait for the turn of events; the domestic pandemic situation finally improved in early March, and the ceiling materials finally arrived, while the US pandemic was on the verge, and the restaurant industry faced a cold winter, and the opening of the business was indefinitely delayed ...

The pandemic hit the young man with dreams, but he did not give up. He still doesn't know what will happen in the future, but he will stick to it. This enthusiasm and stubbornness will not be defeated by reality, nor will he compromise with difficulties..