Omakase During a Pandemic: It's Possible with Ikebana-Zen!

Is there anything more romantic than Omakase? Probably not. But how do you indulge in the experience while keeping safe during the pandemic? Well, it's still possible if you know about Ikebana-Zen.

Omakase directly translates to, "I leave it up to you." This style of multi-course dining requires a highly trained chef who decides the menu on the spot while serving your meals. Put merely, the Omakase style of dining is menuless. 

Recently, a customer reserved our Private Chef Catering services to celebrate his marriage anniversary with his wife. Since Ikebana-Zen's inception, the restaurant has taken pride in being called the most romantic spot in the city. Even though the city put a halt on indoor dining, our chefs were determined to find a way to maintain the reputation they had built through making love feel tangible, or at least edible. 

Once chef Mou heard about the reservation, he immediately went above and beyond in proving an unparalleled experience to our customers. He even went on to buy flowers and a greeting card for the couple as he knew the day was precious and wanted to make sure it was memorable. 

As expected, the wife was not only pleasantly surprised but also moved by the amount of effort that went into putting it all together. 

At Ikebana-Zen, we genuinely believe that Omakase is the ultimate and most authentic way of eating sushi. Traditionally, sushi bars in Japan didn't even have menus! But excellent Omakase service is only available at a few spots in the city including at Ikebana-Zen. That's why we honour and take pride in Chef Mou, who has trained in Michelin ranked restaurants and taken on different styles of Japanese cuisine. 

If you are looking to indulge in some sunomono, yakimono, sushi and some incredible desserts, reserve our services today! Ikebana-Zen is an outdoor dining restaurant, located between 9th Ave and 53rd street, and is currently open. We look forward to seeing you and surprising you with our incredible service.