Storefront with large French windows contributes to the flashy city streetscape in Mid-Manhattan

Located in 401 west 53rd street, New York City, Ikebana Zen allows full exposure of its elegant interior design through the lively French windows architecturally designed to make the most use of light. Its unique location makes it ideal for diners to not only enjoy a memorable dinner, but also experience the concept behind the name in a literal manner.

We’d like to think of our restaurant as a form of artwork that merges the urban life of New York with the conventional Japanese Omakase style cuisine through the abstract sense of ephemerality created by material, color and light. Our undulating champagne-cascade coil curtains immerse the diners in a Zen state, bringing the ambience of the outdoors to the privacy of the indoors, as they enjoy a well-rounded dining experience for the mind and body.